On May 26th My Mother and Brother hosted a beautiful birthday party for me in grand style. With the help of my daughter Selah, uncle Michael Hill, cousin Hakim Abdus-Sabur, friends Miriam Farrakhan and AJ Calloway, they were able to contact and invite many of my childhood friends and relatives, some of whom, I hadn’t seen for years. Since I’m usually the one throwing the party or hosting the event, I can’t begin to tell you what a joy it was to pile into this space ‘all old-school-like’ surrounded by family and friends both past and present. In some of these photos (probably most) I’m a hot and sweaty, sentimental mess, but elated! I was reminded of how rich and diverse the community of my youth was and continues to be. A special thank you to my Mother and Brother for putting this wonderful event together and all those who helped and of course, attended. Love you!!!



Family, friends and extended global community please enjoy the photo album of images from the evening collected so far: